Practical Considerations for IoT Applications: Part 2

Address practical considerations of the IIoT system itself and how the implementation will work. Your application will monitor an asset, most likely remotely.

TankScan Helps Thermal Aviation’s Savings Soar

Thermal Aviation is a fixed-base operator (FBO) providing all the tools to fuel, store, and self-serve aircraft. Like most self-serve fuel tanks, Thermal Aviation’s tank levels were monitored manually with the help of a clock-style gauge. However, the gauge would often get stuck and not provide an accurate reading.

Practical Considerations for IoT Applications: Part 1

I want to go over practical considerations before an IIoT implementation can even begin. Below are things that your company needs to consider before starting your search.

ATEK Access Technologies Partners with Fluidall to Promote TankScan Products

ATEK President, Sherri McDaniel to speak at Sensors Midwest in Chicago this September

TankScan Eliminates Overpayment for HAZ~MAT Environmental Services

Since 1944, HAZ~MAT Environmental Services has grown into one of the premier environmental service companies in the southeast. In the last six decades, HAZ~MAT has modified the company’s services to best meet evolving needs while never straying from the company’s guiding principles.

ATEK Access Technologies Adds First Canadian Distributor – Titan Logix

Basin uses TankScan to Provide Value-Added Solution

Basin customers continuously battle the challenges faced by performing manual tank measurement procedures. Like most fuel tanks, Basin’s customer’s tank levels were monitored manually. Three major concerns of manual measurements are efficiency, accuracy and safety.

ATEK Access Technologies Expands U.S. Presence with Nine Sales Firms

ATEK Access Technologies and Basin Concrete, Inc. to Present at Williston Basin Petroleum Conference

ATEK Access Technologies Launches Cost-Effective TankScan Solution for Indoor Applications

ATEK Access Technologies Launches All-in-One TankScan Monitor

ATEK Access Technologies Awarded ISO 9001 Certificate

Line of Sight Requirements for Reliable Low-Power RF Communication

Positioning low-power Radio Frequency (RF) communications equipment requires that special attention must be taken to ensure proper Line-of-Sight (LOS) clearance between the transmitter and receiver. The guidelines set forth in this white paper will allow you to choose mounting locations for your TankScan monitoring system that will optimize signal strength and battery life.

Another great NORA conference is in the books

While the weather in Puerto Rico didn’t cooperate with heavy rain and wind, it was 72 and warm inside the Grand Atlantic Ballroom at the El Conquistador Resort. Leaders in the waste oil industry from across the United States and the world gathered together to share their expertise and explore new technologies to change the way they do business.