About Us A leader in wireless tank monitoring for more than 15 years.

TankScan monitors thousands of tanks across North America, providing real-time data that lets users save up to 30% by optimizing efficiencies.

TankScan began in 2003 with one goal: To use advanced technology to improve the way businesses service fluid tanks. Back then, most businesses manually checked and recorded fluid levels, which was inefficient, costly and potentially unsafe. Then TankScan pioneered affordable, wireless tank monitoring, which enabled dealers and distributors to remotely check levels and plan more cost-effective routes. As a result, businesses today can optimize their efficiencies, improve customer service and achieve up to a 30% savings. TankScan is now one of the world’s fastest growing wireless tank monitoring companies.

Looking for access to a dynamic career?

TankScan is part of ATEK Access Technologies. We’re a rapidly growing, privately held company based in Minnesota, and we’re always looking for talented people to join our team.