Growing Business Wins New Customers with TankScan Solution

Crump Oil Company

Locally owned and operated since 1962, Crump Oil Company is a full line distributor for Exxon/Mobile and CITGO products. Located in northwest Louisiana, the company services the tri-state region of Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas. With Crump Oil’s fleet of transport and bobtail trucks, it is possible to deliver fuel or bulk lubricants from 100 to 8500 gallons per trip. 

Application: Fuel & Oil distribution 

Market: Fuel Delivery & Inventory Management 


As the business continued to grow, Crump Oil realized the need to implement an efficient time management system. Delivery drivers would manually check fluid levels in their trucks and hope there was product on hand to fulfill the customers tank requirements or the drivers would arrive at a customer site and realize that product was not needed. Crump Oil employees spent a considerable amount of time calling customers ahead of the route trucks to determine if a delivery was needed. The process was inefficient and time consuming for everyone.


A recently hired Crump Oil employee, Robert Feazel, Fuel Technician, had worked on the TankScan solution with a previous employer. Feazel sought-out TankScan again to help Crump Oil implement the solution in his new position. 

The TankScan TSM1000 uses a battery powered sensor that screws into the top of the tanks and measures the fluid levels in the tank. The monitor sends the data to a web-based portal which stores and alerts on the level reading. Alert emails and text messages are sent to the user on a low-level condition. Additionally, users can log into the portal from a laptop, PC or mobile device and monitor tank levels from anywhere an internet connection is available. 

The TankScan solution has significantly improved the scheduling and routing process for the delivery trucks allowing maximum efficiency. Staff and drivers are prepared to meet customer demands and ensure tanks do not run out of fuel. For high demand oil field customers, the monitors have proven to be exceptionally helpful assuring tank are full and the account is retained. 

Feazel also commented: “The tank monitors have been used as a sort of selling tool to win and retain new customer accounts.” The monitors have given Crump Oil customers peace of mind knowing that their tanks are being watched and fuel will be delivered on time. The gained efficiencies have allowed Crump Oil to offer a competitive fuel rates to its customers. 


  • Reduce driver overtime with better control of schedules and daily routes 
  • Elimination of unnecessary stops saving the company money 
  • Time saving for drivers by eliminating the need to stick the tanks and reduction in phone calls 
  • Allows Crump Oil to be proactive scheduling deliveries and reducing many last-minute calls for urgent delivery 
  • TankScan solution used as a selling tool providing enhanced customer service and gain/retain new accounts

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