A digital eye on chemical levels avoids lost sales opportunities

Chemical Consultants Incorporated

Established in 1988, Chemical Consultants has succeeded for many years in achieving their mission of providing unsurpassed service to their customers and have persevered against turbulent economic times. They specialize in providing their customers with the right chemical to solve their problems, from scale or corrosion to ensuring discharge water meets regulations. Chemical Consultants specializes in high quality production corrosion inhibitors and more) for the oil and gas industry.

Applications: Chemical Tank Monitoring 

Market: Chemicals 


Before Chemical Consultants started using the Tankscan monitoring system, they had to manually check tanks, crawl on top, write down the data and go back inside to convert the measurement to number of gallons. The goal was to have a better pulse on their inventory levels along with saving time and help prevent accidents. The old way of monitoring tanks was cumbersome and inefficient.

Additionally, some of their chemical suppliers come from several states away so they need to constantly monitor fluid levels so they alert their supplier in enough time before products run out. An empty tank or late availability could lead to a missed sales opportunity. 


Chemical Consultants was seeking a tank monitoring solution and was referred to Tankscan. After doing some research and getting their questions answered, they turned to ATEK Access Technologies for the TankScan solution. 

TankScan uses a battery-powered micro impulse radar sensor that sits on top of each tank and takes measurements several times daily to determine fluid depth. The monitor collects data about the tank’s fluid level and sends it to the ATEK Intelligence Platform (AIP) web-based portal. Customers are able to log into AIP from a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone and monitor their tanks from anywhere an Internet connection is available. Customers are provided with accurate readings that eliminate human error, ensuring the supply chain delivery and collection of fluids is uninterrupted.

The ability to monitor their tanks from anywhere with an internet connection has proven to be very convenient. 

Operations Manager, Jared Green stated “we can check our product inventories quickly with this system and make same day sales because of the data we have available.” Thus, allowing them to give better service to their customers. 


The monitors have performed to their expectations and helps Chemical Consultants operate efficiently for their customers and vendor relations. The staff no longer has to climb tanks and hope their numbers convert to accurate readings in each tank. 

Jared mentioned “even in the cold winter this last year our monitors worked at -35 degrees without disruption”. “These monitors are a great value and worth it for our business, they are convenient, help with the safety aspect for our employees, and definitely save us time.” 


  • Time is spent more efficiently not having to manually check each tank and run conversion calculations to see how many gallons each tank has in it
  • The low level alert indicator helps Chemical Consultants to plan orders and service customers in a timely manner
  • Allows for better pricing and timing of deliveries from their vendors who are several states away
  • Opportunities to gain sales with customers by having current tank level information at their fingertips
  • Reduced risks of injury with staff having to climb tanks year round to get measurements

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