On-time Deliveries are a Reality with the TankScan Solution

Samuelson Tire & Oil Inc.

Samuelson Tire & Oil Inc. is a family-owned business that was purchased and established by the Samuelson family in 2012. Located in Platte, SD, the company supplies bulk and at-the-pump fuel, oil and tire services to its customers in Southern South Dakota and Northern Nebraska. Samuelson Tire & Oil takes pride in focusing on customer service, developing long-term relationships and knowing their customers by name.

Application: Tank Farm 

Market: Fuel Delivery and Inventory Management 


Samuelson Tire & Oil Inc. was looking for a high-tech solution to ensure they always have fuels on hand and can meet customer demand and delivery expectations consistently. On time deliveries are a big expectation in the ever-competitive fuel industry. Entrusting the Tankscan monitoring system to oversee tank levels quicker and more accurately has proven to be helpful with inventory management. 

Coming from a trucking background, owner Andy Samuelson knows the importance of on-time deliveries for customers. He wanted to be forward thinking with his business by implementing the Tankscan monitors to ensure his team has information at their fingertips to check inventory, book loads, and offer efficient delivery service. With the business being located in a smaller community it is important to maintain a high level of service to meet customer expectations and uphold their reputation as a leader in the region. 


Samuelson Tire & Oil purchased used tanks with existing TankScan monitors. The company also researched the options and turned to ATEK Access Technologies for its TankScan solution. 

The TankScan monitor system provides Samuelson Tire & Oil a hands-off approach to managing its tanks. Less time is spent manually checking tank levels and eliminates the worry for run-outs. Entrusting the TankScan solution to oversee tank levels more promptly and accurately has proven helpful with inventory management. 

“The ability to see low level alerts and check inventory on the go is very convenient.” said Andy Samuelson, Owner. 

The TankScan TSM1000 uses a battery powered sensor that screws int the top of the tanks and measures fluid levels in the tank. The monitor sends the data to the web-based portal which stores and alerts on the level reading. Additionally, users are able to log into the portal from a laptop, PC or mobile device and monitor tank levels from anywhere an internet connection is available. 

“The monitor installation is simple, offers faster access to our tank levels and it was common sense to implement these for our business.” Said Samuelson. 


Since implementing the TankScan solution Samuelson Tire & Oil has realized several benefits.  

  • Reduced labor costs by no longer having to manually check each fuel tank  • Better inventory control allowing them to plan orders accordingly and get the best rates  • Eliminates running out of fuels, so they can have a constant supply on hand for customer orders  
  • Cost and time savings realized  
  • Simple to use, faster reach to check inventory while on the go, used to help grow and maintain customers  
  • Reduces the risk of injury potential by having no longer having to manually check the tank

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