Specialty Chemicals

TankScan wirelessly monitors specialty chemical tanks to easily check fluid levels in bulk and customer tanks allowing efficient delivery and greater vendor management Inventory insight.

Reduce logistic expenses, improve customer service and safety in the field.

  • Applications
    Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) / Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Remover / Deicing Brine / Cement Admixtures / Fertilizer / Herbicide / Pesticide / Fungicides / Descaling / Coolants / Carwash Detergents / Alkaline Degreasing / Pipeline Corrosion Prevention / Food Grade Wash and many more

Sensing Technology & Hardware

Guided wave radar or ultrasonic monitors wirelessly measure the levels of specialty chemicals and send tank data for easy access.

Easy Installation & Setup

Quickly and easily deploy tank installations to begin optimizing your operations. Scalability becomes a simple repeatable process.

World-Class Customer Care

Work with our team of specialty chemical monitoring experts that have the market knowledge to get you up and running fast and supporting you as your business grows.

Customer Success

“With TankScan, I know my readings are accurate and I’m able to maximize my profits on the routes,” added Tullo. “This is the only tank monitoring system that we’re using going forward.”

Dominick Tullo, Vice President of T & R Oil Company