TankScan Helps Chief Petroleum Streamline Its Business Operations

Chief Petroleum

Chief Petroleum is locally owned and operating in Colorado Springs since 1962. It offers a variety of high-quality fuel and lubricant products to many of Colorado Springs largest fleets. From fueling equipment on-site to providing DEF and greases, Chief Petroleum provides reliable service whenever and wherever needed. Chief Petroleum’s fleet consists of 8500 gallon fuel transport vehicles for commercial deliveries and 4000 gallon bobtail vehicles for local deliveries.

Application: Tank Level Inventory Management 

Market: Lubricants Delivery and Inventory Management 


In today’s fast-paced business environment, Chief Petroleum realized the current management system was no longer keeping pace with the needs of the business. Manually measuring tank fluid levels and calling in delivery orders was inefficient and allowed for inaccurate measurement readings. There were 2 major concerns that proved challenging, managing delivery expenses and freeing-up sales and customers’ time. 

Chief Petroleum needed a monitoring solution that was reliable, easy to use and help the business run efficiently. 


Chief Petroleum sought out ATEK Access Technologies for its TankScan monitoring solution to help streamline their business and create efficiencies in fuel delivery. In addition, the TankScan solution allows Chief Petroleum to offer a value-added solution to their customers. 

The monitor collects data about the tank’s fluid level and sends it to the ATEK Intelligence Platform (AIP) web-based portal. The monitors can be pre-set to report data for a specific time interval. Chief Petroleum is able to log into the AIP from a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone and monitor all of its’ customers tanks from anywhere an internet connection is available. This dispatch supervisor uses this data to plot-out the most efficient delivery routes each day. 

Chief Petroleum Dispatch Supervisor, Jacob Johnston commented: “We are able to provide the following benefits to our customers.” 
  • Monitoring our customers fuel inventories and historical thus allowing us to eliminate deliveries so customers can take advantage of our best pricing based off the largest amount of fuel being delivered per day. 
  • With TankScan full line of product we have been able to remotely monitor or cardlocks which has changed how we schedule deliveries for them. 
  • Worry free! Our customers do not have to worry about their fuel inventory as we keep an eye on it for them and we let them know when a delivery is needed. 
  • We have reduced traffic in our customers’ facilities by reducing the number of fuel deliveries by 50%, thus limiting traffic on their job sites. 


Since implementing the TankScan solution, Chief Petroleum recognizes several benefits. 

  • TankScan provided automated low-level alerts for their customer tanks 
  • TankScan helped streamline delivery operations 
  • The AIP platform provide 24-hour access to data for managing inventory 
  • TankScan has eliminated the need to maintain local software

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