Tanks In The Field

Service tanks in the field with accurate wireless level monitoring and alerts to reduce trucking-related costs, enhance inventory management and improve customer service.

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Simplify Servicing Tanks In The Field

TankScan wireless tank monitors easily install on above ground, liquid tanks and sends accurate, reliable and repeatable level readings to the ATEK Intelligence Platform (AIP), a cloud-based user dashboard.

  • View all tank levels, locations and history from any internet device
  • Sends email or text alerts to users when tanks reach predetermined levels
  • Improves accuracy, truck routing, ROI and customer service

Optimize Routes and Efficiencies

Timely and accurate tank level data allows efficient fleet routing. Alerts prevent product run outs or over fills, improving customer service.

Optimize Growth & Customer Service

Add additional customers without requiring more trucks and drivers with improved fleet efficiencies. Alerts prevent product run outs or over fills, improving customer service.

Optimize Profitability

Increasing gallons delivered or collected per trip contributes to profitability. Alerting functionality eliminates emergency trips.

Used Oil Waste Collection

Simple, powerful tank monitoring dashboard.

AIP Locations

Locations at A Glance

Assets are displayed on mapping software to help determine optimal routing and dispatching of trucks.

AIP Email Notifications

Critical Warnings and Alerts

AIP automatically sends e-mail or text message alerts to preselected users, based on your chosen tanks levels

AIP Status Glance

Status at A Glance

Customizable dash-board to view assets.

AIP Reporting Drilldown

Reporting and Trending

Data is stored and can easily be accessed. The platform also has open API connections to move data to other locations if desired.

AIP Locations