Fuel Delivery and Inventory Management

Diesel Generator Monitoring

Back-up generators monitoring inventory levels to prevent run-outs.

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Bulk Fuel Storage and Distributor

Bulk fuel storage and fuel distributor streamlines delivery process.

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Aircraft Self-service Operations

Airport service operator deploys tank monitoring in response to safety concerns.

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Lubricants Delivery and Inventory Management

Fast Lube Bulk Tank Inventory

Eliminated manual measurements to create accuracy & efficiently manage vendors.

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Lubricant Distribution

Decreased labor costs by managing inventory & planning just-in-time deliveries.

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Specialty Chemicals

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Solutions

Differential pressure sensors had 40% fail rate which resulted in costly run outs, forcing dead heading runs.

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De-icer Monitoring

Extreme weather created dangerous conditions to manually check de-icing tank levels.

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Monitoring Remote Specialty Chemical Tanks

Production forecasting and on-time deliveries improved for long haul deliveries.

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Oil Field Support

Fuel Tank Monitoring

Efficiency, accuracy and safety were the major concerns of manual measurements.

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Saltwater Disposal Logistic Services

Reduced costs of field operations while maintaining a safe and environmentally sound field operation

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Environmental Management

Used Oil and Waste Liquid Collection

Needed to prevent overfills & manage inventory levels for buying & selling used oil.

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Storm Water Outfall Monitoring

Managed flow measurements at a remote storm water outfall five days per week .

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