Down-Time Minimized – Inventory Managed at Bobcat Contracting

Bobcat Contracting 

Bobcat Contracting is a leader in energy services. With multiple divisions, pipeline & fabrication, crane and electrical & instrumentation and overhead utility division the company strives to meet the needs of a diverse group of energy companies. Bobcat Contracting performs a variety of work for the oil & gas industry, including pipeline construction and maintenance, terminal and tank farm construction, fabrication, horizontal directional drilling, hydrostatic testing and many other ancillary services.

Application: Fuel Management for Fleet 

Market: Energy Services 


With the addition of 3 new horizontal tanks, Bobcat Contracting LLC sought out a solution to manage inventory levels within their tanks in addition to minimizing downtime. Like many storage and fuel tanks, Bobcat Contracting would manually measure their fuel tank levels by sticking the tanks. Since Bobcat Contracting maintains its own fleet of tanks to service their equipment, it was important to implement a system that accurately tracked fuel levels and prevent fuel run-out. 


Bobcat Contracting turned to ATEK Access Technologies for its TSU monitoring system, which provides the tools to accurately monitor critical fluid levels. The TankScan monitor collects data and sends it to the ATEK Intelligence Platform (AIP) web-based portal. Users are able to log into the AIP from a laptop, PC or mobile device and monitor tank levels from anywhere an internet connection is available. 

“Our drivers never have to worry about our fuel supply now that the tanks are monitored with TankScan. The monitors have helped save us time and become more efficient with our inventory management.” said Cody Metz, Superintendent. 

The AIP system also sends alert messages by text or e-mail to users indicating fluid levels have dropped below a pre-determined level. The alerts allow for just-in-time deliveries and help eliminate product run-out. 


Through the use of the TankScan solution, Bobcat Contracting recognizes numerous benefits including: 

• TankScan helps ensure that fuel is available to drivers at all times 

• TankScan offers 24 hour access to data required to manage inventory levels 

• TankScan enhanced safety by eliminating the need to climb on top of the tanks for manual tank measurements 

“Prior to getting the TankScan monitors, we had to go out and manually check the fuel tanks. The efficiency of checking our tanks from the website anywhere, anytime has proven to be very convenient. The low-level alerts are also helpful in catching a tank before it runs empty. The TankScan system has proven to be effective and easy to use.” added Cody.

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