TankScan Helps Kramer Oil Streamline Delivery Routes Saving Valuable Time

Kramer Oil

Kramer Oil is a third generation, family-owned business founded in 1976 in Marysville, KS and is one of the largest fuel providers in North Central and Northeast Kansas and Southeast Nebraska. The company specializes in providing bulk fuel to farmers, businesses and government entities. In addition to bulk gasoline, clear and dyed diesel, Kramer Oil also offers a variety of specialty oils and lubricants.

Application: Fuel Inventory/ Delivery 

Market: Fuel Delivery and Inventory Management


Kramer Oil was faced with the challenge of performing manual tank level measurements at their customer sites. This process was time consuming and inefficient. Kramer Oil’s major concerns are monitoring fluid level accuracy, efficiencies and streamlining delivery routes. 

“My time is valuable and while I like dispatching loads and figuring out inventory, it was taking too much time.” Said Chad Kramer, President, Kramer Oil. 


Kramer Oil installed TankScan monitors throughout its various customer locations to drive efficiencies in their business. Tank levels can be viewed from the field with a cell phone or from a PC at a remote office. The ability to access tank data for any customer from a website anywhere, at any time was an attractive solution and has proven to be effective. 

TankScan provided one solution for Kramer’s three tank systems: bulk storage tanks, customer tanks and their C-store tanks. 

“TankScan monitors have saved me at least 30 minutes of my time per day. I have TankScan monitors hooked up at rural farm locations, busy commercial businesses, convenience stores, bulk plants and cardlocks. I can literally see every tank that I manage on one screen as well as ullages for each tank.” 

The AIP system is set up to send out alert messages by text or email to a user indicating fluid levels have dropped below a pre-set level. The low-level alerts are very helpful and have allowed Kramer Oil to become proactive with just-in-time deliveries rather than reactive in managing customer inventory. 


Through use of the TankScan solution, Kramer Oil realizes numerous benefits including: 

• Confidence knowing drivers are keeping customer tanks full and running efficient routes 

• 24-hour access to data needed to check inventory levels and manage logistics 

• Improved safety not having to stick the tank 

• Efficiency, accuracy and time savings 

“My favorite part is looking at the mobile version on my phone. I can see it anytime and anywhere I want. I’m glad I made the decision to invest with TankScan.”

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