Used Oil & Waste Liquid Collection

TankScan wirelessly monitors when used oil tanks are nearly full at new oil sellers, eliminating the guesswork for waste oil collectors and making the most of every route trip.

Schedule timely, efficient service for any liquid collection operation.

  • Applications
    Used Oil / Used Antifreeze / Cooking Oil / Waste Water Disposal / Industrial Lubricant Oils / Auto Repair Shops

Sensing Technology & Hardware

Cellular guided wave radar or ultrasonic monitors wirelessly send tank level data to any computer or smart phone for easy access.

Easy Installation & Setup

Quickly and easily deploy one to thousands of tank installations to begin optimizing your operations.

World-Class Customer Care

Work with our team of experts that have the market knowledge to get you up and running fast.

Customer Success

"We like the TankScan system because it allows us to set each monitor to read at different intervals depending on tank contents. It works within our network system over the internet and allows us to do up-to-the-minute readings" said Danziger.

Neil Danziger, HAZ~MAT Environmental Services