TankScan Eliminates Overpayment for HAZ~MAT Environmental Services

Since 1944, HAZ~MAT Environmental Services has grown into one of the premier environmental service companies in the southeast. In the last six decades, HAZ~MAT has modified the company’s services to best meet evolving needs while never straying from the company’s guiding principles. 

HAZ~MAT embraces commitment, expertise, and innovation in an industry that demands dedication to serving customers with a variety of cost-effective, reliable solutions.


With 23 tanks filled with used oil, antifreeze and oily liquids, HAZ~MAT Environmental Services needed a better way to monitor its tank levels. Like most storage and fuel tanks, HAZ~MAT tank levels were monitored manually with the help of a float gauge. Since HAZ~MAT buys and sells oil, it was important to implement a system that accurately tracked the oil level to prevent overflow, as well monitor the amount of oil being delivered and loaded for resale. 

“For the longest time we used the honor system and trusted that the older technology customers used for their tank charts was accurate with what was logged,” said Neil Danziger, Operations Manager, HAZ~MAT Environmental Services. “With small quantities put into large tanks, the gauges presented too much room for error and we needed a more accurate way of managing inventory, so began researching different tank monitoring solutions.”


HAZ~MAT researched monitoring solutions from two other companies before selecting the TankScan TSM8000 monitor from ATEK Access Technologies in January 2015. The TankScan TSM8000 provides the tools necessary to accurately monitor fluid levels in multiple tanks, across multiple sites, from the convenience of any computer. Danziger and his team handled the installation process without any issues. 

“We like the TankScan system because it allows us to set each monitor to read at different intervals depending on tank contents. It works within our network system over the Internet and allows us to do up-to-the-minute readings,” said Danziger. 

The monitor collects data about the fluid level in HAZ~MAT’s tanks and sends it to the ATEK Intelligence Platform (AIP) web-based monitoring application. Danziger is able to log into AIP from a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone and monitor all 23 tanks from anywhere an Internet connection is available. 

“Since the system is Internet based, I’m able to log in anytime, so I can even check the tank levels while out of office,” added Danziger.


Through use of the TankScan solution, HAZ~MAT realizes numerous benefits including: 

  • TankScan helps eliminate the guesswork of receiving loads. When a customer brings waste oil to sell, HAZ~MAT uses the TankScan system to determine the tank level before and after receiving the load. This ensures that HAZ~MAT only pays the customer for the difference, potentially saving thousands of dollars annually. 
  • TankScan provides an accurate reading to prevent overflow. 
  • The ATEK Service Platform allows ATEK Access Technologies to remotely monitor the health of TankScan TSM8000 wireless tank monitors in the field, ensuring that its TankScan TSM8000 monitors are online and operating at the best possible level. 
“TankScan takes the guesswork out of our inventory system,” said Danziger. “On a daily basis our volume varies, and it’s nice to be able to look at the monitors to see how much volume we have in each tank so we don’t have overflow issues.”