Optimize your routes and save up to 30%.

Your investment in TankScan technology will begin paying for itself immediately. TankScan users regularly see a 30% savings in costs associated with storage, collections and deliveries. Most achieve payback within the first year, allowing them to add customers without adding more trucks or drivers.

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Services for Agriculture Tank Monitoring

TankScan makes it easy for agricultural co-ops and dealers to plan more efficient routes to hundreds of tanks at multiple farming operations. With wireless monitoring, you’ll be able to keep your customers’ tanks at optimal levels during peak usage times. You can also use wireless monitoring for your bulk storage tanks.

Services for Oil and Lube Tank Monitoring

TankScan gives you the accurate data you need for just-in-time oil and lube collections and deliveries at multiple retail or industrial locations. Also, with wireless monitoring, you can be sure your customers’ tanks and your bulk storage tanks never run out or overflow.

How TankScan does it all
for about a $1 a day per tank.

With TankScan wireless monitoring, you’ll be able to check on fluid levels before planning your routes. By eliminating those unnecessary stops, you’ll be able to reduce your costs by 30%, and save thousands. All for about $1 a day per tank.

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