C-Store Petroleum Management

TankScan monitors multiple USTs at convenience store locations that you service, providing fill levels, inventory management and loss detection from theft or leakage.

Create efficient routes and service for all C-Store customers

  • Applications

    C-Store Tank Monitoring / UST Bulk Farm Inventory

Sensing Technology & Hardware

Connect to ATG’s from Veeder-Root®, OPW®, Petro Vend®, EMCO, Franklin Fueling, Incon, and Red Jacket® for Ethernet or 4G LTE cellular data.

Easy Installation & Setup

Quickly and easily deploy one to thousands of tank installations without any special IT skills to begin optimizing your operations.

World-Class Customer Care

Work with our team of experts that have the market knowledge to get you up and running fast.

Customer Success

“TankScan takes the guess work out of our delivery process,” said Chaput. “We can
schedule on-time deliveries easily, providing our customers with the peace of mind that
they’ll never run out of fuel.”

Jerry Chaput, Fuel Manager, Mitten Inc.