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Superior Lubricants Saves Thousands, Helps it Follow NY EPA Requirements

For more than 38 years, Superior Lubricants has been a premier distributor of lubricants and greases for automotive, industrial and governmental entities. Superior’s Total Fluid Management program ensures that its clients receive every drop of product they are paying for, in the right place, at the right time. However, managing the volume of the tanks and planning just-in-time deliveries proved challenging.

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Basin uses TankScan to Provide Value-Added Solution

Basin customers continuously battle the challenges faced by performing manual tank measurement procedures. Like most fuel tanks, Basin’s customer’s tank levels were monitored manually. Three major concerns of manual measurements are efficiency, accuracy and safety. 

Physically climbing tanks could take up to a half hour for each tank. If it is winter and cold, weather conditions could add additional time to this manual task. And then there is always the risk of human error. If tanks aren’t measured accurately or frequently enough there is a risk of run outs or overfills.

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TankScan Helps Thermal Aviation’s Savings Soar

Thermal Aviation is a fixed-base operator (FBO) providing all the tools to fuel, store, and self-serve aircraft. Like most self-serve fuel tanks, Thermal Aviation’s tank levels were monitored manually with the help of a clock-style gauge. However, the gauge would often get stuck and not provide an accurate reading.

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TankScan Eliminates Overpayment for HAZ~MAT Environmental Services

Since 1944, HAZ~MAT Environmental Services has grown into one of the premier environmental service companies in the southeast. In the last six decades, HAZ~MAT has modified the company’s services to best meet evolving needs while never straying from the company’s guiding principles. 

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Taking savings to new heights for Bristow helicopters.

When energy companies like ExxonMobile, BP and ARCO need to transport personnel to drilling platforms, they count on Bristow helicopters. But when Bristow needed to make sure their helicopters could refuel as necessary at unmanned landing and fueling sites along a 465-mile flight path, they faced a big challenge.

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TankScan Helps Mitten, Inc. Cut Costs, Increase Efficiency

Fuel distributors are constantly battling rising fuel prices, high shipping costs and finding ways to improve customer service. Mitten Inc. is one of the largest bulk fuel storage and fuel distributors in Kansas with over 500 customers in the farming, dairy, agriculture and trucking industries. Mitten also relies on its own bulk fuel for its Mitten Travel Plaza gas station located in Oakley, Kan.

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