Taking savings to new heights for Bristow helicopters.

The Challenge

When energy companies like ExxonMobile, BP and ARCO need to transport personnel to drilling platforms, they count on Bristow helicopters. But when Bristow needed to make sure their helicopters could refuel as necessary at unmanned landing and fueling sites along a 465-mile  flight path, they faced a big challenge. 

According to Brian Rockwell, Fuel Facilities Maintenance Supervisor,

“Our helicopter flight crews need to know that fuel will be available along their routes. In the past, they would call each site and someone would have to go dip the tank, convert their findings and then call the pilot back with the information. It used to take us two days to manually collect fluid level data from all of our sites.”

The Solution

Bristow recently upgraded to the TankScan wireless monitoring system, which makes it easy to measure multiple tanks in seconds from a PC, laptop or smart phone. Rockwell said, “The system saves us money by being accurate. We never have to worry about rushing fuel to a stranded helicopter. So far I can show a savings of around $26,000.00 with just my crew. We could triple our savings once the rest of our expansion is completed.”