Peace of Mind that Water Supply Won’t Run Dry at Forest Glen Oaks Dairy Farm

Forest Glen Oaks Dairy Farm 

Forest Glen Oaks Dairy is a third-generation family owned dairy farm established in 1979. Located in Dayton, OR, the 1000-acre dairy consists of dairy farm facilities with hay pasture lands that produce forage for livestock. Forest Glen Oaks Dairy produces certified organic milk from about 1,800 registered Jersey milking cows.

Application: Water Tank Monitoring 

Market: Dairy Farm


Feed and water are critical elements of a dairy farm. Forest Glen Oaks has one 9,000 gallon water storage tank that supplies drinking water in the barns and in the pastures. A break in the water line or a simple leak in the system can drain the tank in a matter of hours and replenishing is a struggle.

 “Running cows out of drinking water is not an option. I spent a good amount of time searching for a solution to this problem.” said Stewart Kircher. 

Forest Glen Oaks needed a solution that could easily monitor its water storage tanks 24 hours per day. A leak in the middle of the night would empty the tanks by morning. 


Forest Glen Oaks turned to ATEK Access Technologies for its TankScan solution. The dairy installed a TSM1000 monitor. The installation process involves measuring the tank height, cutting the sensor wire accordingly and threading the monitor into one of the ports on the top of the tank. The instructional videos TankScan offers make the installation easy to do for anyone. 

“The TankScan system was a perfect solution to my problem. Now, I can monitor the tanks anytime from my cell phone and I receive alerts if my tanks run below a certain level. This way I can catch a problem well before my tanks run empty.” noted Kircher.


Through utilization of the TankScan solution, Forest Glen Oaks Dairy has realized numerous benefits including: 

• The TankScan solution has saved countless amount of time and money • The ATEK platform provides visibility to real-time data 24/7 

• TankScan allows peace of mind knowing tanks are constantly monitored 

• TankScan provides greater reliability and efficiencies “The biggest benefit to me are the level alerts. I always know that if my tanks get to a low level I will be alerted immediately. I can find and solve issues promptly before my tanks run empty.” said Kircher.