Improved Efficiencies and Inventory Visibility Recognized by Northern Energy, Inc.

Northern Energy

For more than 45 years, Northern Energy has provided unmatched service along with a full line of Industrial and Commercial lubricants from the industry’s leading supplier, Chevron. In addition, Northern Energy is proud to be a “Certified” 1st Source Elite Chevron Lubrication Marketer ensuring the highest quality products and services.

Application: Lubricants Supplier 

Market: Energy Services


Northern Energy has more than 600,000 gallons of bulk storage on their site and the tanks are located in three different buildings with many different configurations. Northern Energy wanted a solution that would allow them the ability to check inventory levels from one central location and determine order levels and material movement in and out of their tanks. It was important to have a system connect to an existing network as well as being wireless between buildings.


In 2020 Northern Energy turned to ATEK Access Technologies for its TankScan tank monitoring solution and installed the cellular monitors throughout its facility to improve efficiencies. 

“The monitors have removed the need for manual inventory management as well as being much more accurate versus a sight glass estimate of inventory levels. It has reduced countless hours of inventory times and increased the accuracy of the counts by an unmeasurable amount.” said Bob Holland, IT Manager.

The TankScan system provides the tools necessary to accurately monitor fluid levels in multiple tanks, across numerous sites, from anywhere a network connection is available.


Through utilization of the TankScan solution, Northern Energy has realized numerous benefits including:

• Drastic time savings on inventory management

• Improved accuracy of tank readings vs. standard sight glass reading

• Reduced labor hours

• Efficiency and reliability

• Ability to view all tanks on one website

“The thing we like most about the TankScan product is their reliability! They all worked perfect from day one and we have had only one minor issue with one monitor and Technical Support was excellent.” noted Holland.

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