Fuel Inventory Management Streamlined for Brantley County Schools

Brantley County Schools 

Brantley County Schools are located in Nahunta, GA. The Transporation Department of the school system is charged with transporting over 3000 students safely and efficiently every day. The fleet of busses cover 48 routes, twice daily, driving over 3200 miles each day.

Application: Fuel Inventory for School Bus Fleet

Market: Education


Brantley Schools needed to find a solution for keeping their fleet of busses fueled, maintained and operational and prepared to meet route schedules.  The current method of measuring fuel levels proved to be inaccurate and inefficient. It was important to implement a system that would accurately track fuel tank levels, preventing unnecessary fuel deliveries or run-out.


Brantley turned to TankScan. The Brantley County Board of Education installed Tankscan cellular tank monitors at their terminal to manage their fuel tank demands.

The remote monitoring system leverages existing wireless cellular infrastructure and a cloud software application to simplify the start-up and set-up costs associated with typical remote monitoring systems.

The installation required screwing the TankScan monitor into a 2” port on top of the tank and plugging in the battery. TankScan Customer Care Team configured the cloud application to monitor and calculate gallons of fuel consumed and set low level alerts notifying users by text or email. The tank levels are viewed from the field with a users’ cell phone or from a PC at a remote office.

“The TankScan monitors have made it easier for our fleet to manage fuel tank levels for our buses. TankScan allows us to check our fuel levels anywhere and at any time so we can be proactive placing orders for fuel delivery.” said Jeff Johns, Transportation Director.


Since implementing the TankScan solution, Brantley County Schools have realized several benefits.

• Automated alerts for low level fuel 

• 24 hour access to data they need to check and manage inventory levels

• No local software to maintain

• Time savings by not having to manually check the tank levels or waiting for fuel deliveries

“The TankScan monitors have saved us time and money by managing our fuel inventory more accurately and safely. I really like the alerts that can be set up for different tanks and sends me an email and text when the fuel levels are getting low.” said Johns.