Dreamforce Part 2

Dreamforce 2014 continues to rock on with unique experiences and opportunities.  This morning started off with a keynote session highlighting Hillary Rodham Clinton, former secretary of state, and Professor Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum.  They shared thought-provoking messages about what it takes to make lasting global change in partnership between governments, businesses, and communities.  They both agreed that only bringing people and information together and integrating that into thoughtful decisions will lead to the positive change that is needed. 

I can make an analogy between the solution they articulated to our TankScan tank monitoring intelligence solution and the entire role of the Internet of Connected Products (IoCP).  The idea behind the IoCP is bringing people together with the better information they need from their connected products and then integrating that information into more intelligent business decisions for positive change in operational efficiencies and effectiveness.

ATEK Access Technologies is clearly leading the way in bringing our products into that connected world via our suite of TankScan products and services, including the highly-differentiated ATEK Service Platform.  It is exciting to be out here at Dreamforce 2014 sharing the TankScan message while also  learning about what can be next on our IoCP journey.

My favorite quote from this morning’s keynote was when Hillary talked about how she was inspired by the participants at Dreamforce who were focused on “Doing good while doing well”.  We should all aspire to do just that.  Thanks for the great message Hillary! 

Sherri McDaniel 

President, ATEK Access Technologies, LLC