Dreamforce Part 1

Dreamforce is truly a unique experience that brings nearly 130,000 innovative people in the Salesforce community together in downtown San Francisco each fall.  The streets are nearly shut down and the folks wearing the blue badges of Dreamforce are everywhere.  They all come here in one common pursuit – the creation and utilization of cloud-based tools to transform organizational efficiency and effectiveness. 

In surveying the vast crowd I can say that every age range is well-represented, but it is especially inspiring to see so many attendees in their 20s and 30s.  These will be the future leaders of organizations around the world, all here now to expand their horizons.  I’m also happy to note that the gender representation appears to be equal and the ethnic diversity is vast with many different languages being spoken on the sidewalks and cafes, suggesting that the quest for innovation is universal. 

Salesforce claims that the event stands on three primary objectives:  Innovation, Fun and Giving Back.  The innovation is evident at every turn, the fun starts tonight with the Bruno Mars gala, and the giving back is all around.  The Salesforce organization is teaming up with all participants to donate 2 million meals to those in need.  In fact, here’s a photo of the largest wall of tuna fish I’ve ever seen.

This is terrific venue to learn more and engage fully around the Internet of Connected Products (IoCP), where TankScan is a leader with the products and services we offer.  For more on what’s being learned and shared please check back tomorrow.

Sherri McDaniel 

President, ATEK Access Technologies, LLC