Desert Southwest Landlord Saves $10,000 per Year while Maintaining Happy Tennants

A Southwestern Property Management Company

A Southwest Property Management Company located in the rural Arizona Valley owns approximately 25 acres of land that is leased by several construction related businesses and occupied by privately-owned outbuildings. Supplying water to the various businesses on the property proved to be challenging due to environmental conditions and other factors.

Application: Water Tank Monitoring 

Market: Environmental Management 


The Property Management Company have two 2600-gallon water tanks on a corner of their property and an additional two 2600-gallon tanks in another location. The tanks are plumbed together and provide a total capacity of 10,400 gallons of water. The tanks supply water to the businesses for general daily use and pressure washing various equipment. 

Two wells are located on the site and and keep the water storage tanks full however the wells are not always dependable.  Over the summer months when water is scarce, the dry desert heat and increased water consumption would cause their well to go dry 4 to 5 times per year. When the well was dry, a spicket accidentally left on or pump running dry would create additional problems. When the tanks run dry it causes the need for immediate action to bring in a water truck with potable water to refill the empty tanks. With 4 to 5 events per year, this was costing the company $10,000 per year.

“Sometimes a person leaves a faucet on or forgets that a toilet needs fixing and water keeps running. This can deplete their water tanks very quickly.” said Spokesperson. 


The Property Management Company realized the need for an answer to their problem. After researching various options, the company turned to ATEK Access Technologies for its TankScan solution. 

The TankScan TSM1000 uses a battery powered sensor that screws into the top of the tanks and measures the fluid levels in the tank. The monitor sends the data to the web-based portal which stores and alerts on the level reading. Alert emails and text messages are sent to the user on a low level condition. Additionally, users are able to log into the portal from a laptop, PC or mobile device and monitor tank levels from anywhere an internet connection is available.

“Being well-pump-storage tanks, they are normally 95% or more full. We set-up alerts when water levels drop below 70% and that gives us 24–48-hour early warning to check up on the water situation and plan and schedule appropriate action.” said Spokesperson.


Since implementing the TankScan solution, the Property Management Company have realized several benefits.

• Email and text alert functionality allowing proactive scheduling of water delivery based upon tank level readings

• No longer worry about the emergency water supply run-outs to their tenants

• Customer satisfaction 

• Time and cost savings