ATEK Selects Etherios' The Social Machine® to Drive the ATEK Service Platform

The ATEK Service Platform combines the TankScan Global application suite with Etherios' The Social Machine®,  enabling ATEK to further leverage connected products and provide preventative customer service to its global customer base

ATEK has deployed The Social Machine to create the ATEK Service Platform.  Combined with ATEK's remote TankScan™ tank sensor application, ATEK can now offer preventative rather than reactive customer service to its global customers. ATEK offers a full-service solution monitoring program through the ATEK Service Platform.

ATEK’s connected tanks report back to the organization via the ATEK Service Platform with real-time predictive information on the status of every deployed device.  With this information, ATEK can provide service immediately, as specific issues are flagged, before they turn into larger problems. This paradigm shift transforms customer service into a preventative, rather than reactive, activity - driving increased operational efficiencies.

“The Social Machine combined with TankScan™, ATEK’s remote level monitoring solution, becomes the ATEK Service Platform, a full-service solution monitoring offering for tank sensor deployments.  It provides critical service information about the health and well-being of every device that we have in the field—which allows us to step up our game in providing service options to our end users,” said Sherri McDaniel, president of ATEK. “We now have additional solution offerings for our customers that solve their end-to-end needs and provide additional revenue streams for ATEK. By being able to predict system issues, we can better forecast and schedule maintenance activities and lower operating and maintenance costs, at the same time enhancing the overall customer experience.”

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