ATEK Access Technologies Introduces the TSR1000 Non-Contact Radar Monitor

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. (September 8, 2022)ATEK Access Technologies today introduced its new line of TankScan Non-contact Radar Monitors, the TSR1000. The TankScan TSR1000 Monitors are wireless, all-in-one, cellular Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices mounted on top of tanks and totes providing liquid level measurements via the internet.

“The new monitor line features the same easy and quick installation for our customers with better accuracy, and better resilience to condensation and head space vapor.” said Craig Truempi, IIoT Business Leader, ATEK Access Technologies. “In the past, we would specify an ultrasonic sensor for non-contact applications or Micro-Impulse Radar sensor for better accuracy on short tanks. Non-contact radar technology combines the best of both technologies. The single, all-in-one, battery-powered monitor can be deployed without running wires or installing gateways”.

Using the AIP (ATEK Intelligence Platform), our cloud-based software, the tank level information is available instantly on any browser with nothing to install, just log in from a mobile phone or computer to access it. TankScan non-contact radar technologies are resilient to condensation and foaming liquids. Additionally, the non-contact radar technology can see through a poly tank allowing use in chemical applications without exposing the sensor to the vapors in the tank. The TSR1000 monitor is also a good fit for remote tanks of water or oil-based additives, concrete admixtures, water monitoring, and/or corrosion inhibitors in pipeline and oil and gas applications.

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