ATEK Access Technologies Introduces Partner Solution for Over Air Radar Sensor

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. (May 25, 2021) – ATEK Access Technologies (ATEK) today announced it has partnered their TankScan brand with Vega Americas Inc. to supply their VegaPuls line of Over Air Radar Sensors. Over Air Radar is a non-contact method of determining tank level using microwave pulses. The measurements are highly accurate and not affected by temperature, pressure or dust. This partner solution integrates Vega 4-20mA sensor to the ATEK Intelligence Platform (AIP) allowing more tank applications to be served by the AIP. This new offering brings the latest in sensor technology together with the latest in cloud-based tank monitoring to solve unique customer challenges of their remote tanks and tank farm applications.

“With the Vega partnership we are now able to solve some challenging applications by combining the best of sensor technology and cloud-based tank monitoring software.”  said Craig Truempi, IIoT Business Leader, ATEK Access Technologies. “Like all TankScan solutions, the Vega partner solution will allow customers to view all tank levels, locations and history from any internet enabled device, providing logistical and operational optimization.”

Using 4G LTE cellular technologies, the TankScan Monitoring System is using current cellular technology which eliminates the need for the end user to build their own network. As always ATEK registers and activates the cellular connection, which makes installation simple.

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