ATEK Access Technologies Adds Tools-for-Scale to its ATEK Service Platform

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. (January 11, 2024)ATEK Access Technologies today announced it has completed another significant update of the ATEK Service Platform (ASP). The update provides additional tools, visualizations, and dashboards for optimizing system health, reliability, and usability for large scale systems.

ASP Image

Our attention continues to focus on system health for large-scale deployments. We are truly amazed at how the right software in the right hands can have such a profound impact. This year is another break-thru year for improving user experience while easing our service effort! New and optimized system health dashboards and anomaly detection now proactively detect system health deficiencies and prioritize our service attention. In addition to the improved intelligent alerts from the previous update, the new tools make it easier to identify and improve system setup to proactively improve data resolution, extend battery life, and make it easier to quickly deploy changes that take advantage of exception reporting. The new tools are also used to make fleet-wide setup changes across thousands of existing monitors for adding new client-specific insights and analytics, resulting in more robust detection of issues in foundational data and monitor setup. Whether it is poor cellular coverage, sub-optimal monitor installation, or resolving unique issues of challenging applications the new tools make a breeze to manage thousands of monitors. As we continue efforts around Artificial Intelligence (AI), we continue to keep an eye on the foundational data. “As my 87-year-old mother quipped about AI, you mean garbage in, is garbage out? I couldn’t agree more; AI will be as good (or bad) as the data it is built on!” said Craig Truempi, IIoT Business Leader, ATEK Access Technologies.

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