Another great NORA conference is in the books

Another great NORA conference is in the books

While the weather in Puerto Rico didn’t cooperate with heavy rain and wind, it was 72 and warm inside the Grand Atlantic Ballroom at the El Conquistador Resort. Leaders in the waste oil industry from across the United States and the world gathered together to share their expertise and explore new technologies to change the way they do business. 

Jeff Kritta, ATEK Access Technologies Director of Sales, had this to say about NORA, “NORA originally started in 1985 as the leading companies in waste oil collection came together to fend off legislation that would have negatively impacted their industry. It has evolved into an organization where leading waste oil collection companies can come together to be informed on the issues of the industry, see the newest products and services that will help them compete and as a way to network with others in the industry. From the turnout at the NORA conference, this business is still alive and thriving – even at $80 for a barrel of oil. For ATEK Access Technologies, it was a great platform for presenting TankScan on the trade show floor and at the many events throughout the conference. Our membership in NORA has allowed us to form relationships in the industry that will end up generating sales for ATEK.”

The trade show floor was buzzing with foot traffic at NORA.” Mike Murray, TankScan Director of Sales, said, “We generated many strong leads at the booth and at Sherri’s presentation. All expressed high interest in TankScan and follow up for more information.”

On Thursday, Sherri McDaniel, President of ATEK Access Technologies, had an audience of 24 leaders in the waste oil market attend her presentation. She says, “The session that we gave on Best-in-Class Technology Deployment was well attended. We had several people stop by afterward to talk further. It shows that we have tank monitoring capabilities but also that we can collaborate with our customers to help them deploy the new technology in a way that they truly get the value for their investment. We want to be seen as an industry leader and that is truly starting to happen.”

Although we weren’t able to enjoy any warm, sunny weather, the 2014 NORA Conference was a great success for ATEK, providing the introductions that will lead to many lasting business partnerships in the future.


Thanks to everyone who attended!  See you next year!

Aaron Wold

Product Manager - TankScan, ATEK Access Technologies, LLC