$1 A Day Per Tank


  • Avoid costly milk runs and emergency service deliveries.
  • Efficiently service remote customers with highly variable usage patterns.
  • Grow your customer base without hiring drivers or purchasing additional service vehicles.


Meet ATEK’s TankScan System. TankScan addresses each these challenges head on, delivering a full service solution to remote tank monitoring. TankScan accurately monitors fluid levels in multiple tanks, across multiple sites, all from one convenient location, your computer.

With over 35,000 monitors deployed throughout the United States, TankScan is field proven to reduce your costs up to 30% by optimizing your routing efficiencies and allowing maximum buying power through inventory management. The engineers at ATEK designed TankScan with your business in mind. Not only will TankScan optimize you routes, efficiencies and service but TankScan will also optimize your growth. Imagine being able to gain more business without the cost of buying new service trucks or hiring additional drivers.

We developed the ATEK Service Platform so you can focus on what you’re good at and let us focus on the system. The ATEK Service Platform provides monitoring service of the end-to-end TankScan System’s operational health. ATEK’s technical team will ensure that each monitor is operating flawlessly in its installed environment.

The TankScan® Platform is very affordable too. With our lease to own option you can begin monitoring your tank levels for about a dollar a day. We offer 36 and 60 month lease options on all equipment and services.

ATEK Access Technologies is committed to continually develop new and improved versions of our products to better meet our customers’ needs. We believe that TankScan is an excellent fit to solve your logistics needs, and that ATEK can be a valuable solution partner.

If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a demonstration please feel free to call or email.