Markets Versatile tank monitoring solutions to optimize liquid management

TankScan Solutions Deliver Benefits to Improve the bottom-line

Fuel & Lubricants Distribution

Create efficiency with your fleet management and service contract or keep-full customers. Cellular tank monitoring can reduce trips and make your deliveries more profitable.

Chemical Distribution & Oil Field Support

Servicing customers in remote areas or long distances can be challenging for your fleet logistics. Trucking expense can be reduced by collecting tank level data which improves your service to the customer, maximizes stops and reduces trips.

Used Oil & Waste Liquid Collection

Efficiently schedule service visits for used oil, used antifreeze, cooking oil, wastewater disposal and industrial lubricant oils.

Bulk Liquid Storage

Manual tank gauging can be inaccurate, time consuming and potentially pose safety risks. Wireless tank monitoring eliminates human error, climbing on tanks and hand writing level measurements. Data is stored and can be exported for reporting and compliance.

Any tank. Any Size.

TankScan solutions are affordable, reliable and accurate. Our monitors can manage inventory on above ground storage tank applications.