The power of data.

TankScan® wireless tank monitoring makes it easy to optimize your operations and save.
You’ll know exactly which tanks to service and when, allowing you to provide better service to your customers.

Optimize your operations and save.


Accurate tank data ensures just-in-time collections and deliveries.


Reduce labor and transportation costs associated with manual tank measurement.


Add customers without having to add more trucks or drivers.


Know when your customers’ tanks need to be serviced before they do.


TankScan customers usually see payback in less than a year.

Real-time Tank Monitoring

Ongoing tank measurements and alerts
are sent directly to any Internet device.

Instant Alerts & Notifications

Access the data you need for more
cost-efficient routes and more savings.

Full Access & Reporting

Access full data history for routing
and seasonality analysis.

Here's how TankScan wireless tank monitoring works.

  • Tank SensorsWireless sensor on tanks sends fluid measurement
    data to a central gateway.
  • GatewayGateway sends data from all tanks to TankScan
    global application on your Internet device.
  • MonitoringWeb-based software displays fluid levels,
    usage and alarms.
  • Optimize RoutesYou use data to plan more cost-efficient routes.
  • Instant SavingsYou see significant savings on your routes.

Access the data you need when you need it.

ATEK Intelligence Platform

TankScan’s user-friendly app makes it easy to monitor fluid levels anytime, anywhere. But that’s just the beginning. It also lets you:

  • Scale from one to over 100,000 tanks
  • View data from multiple tanks at once
  • See a map view of tank locations and levels
  • Get email alerts when preset levels are reached
  • Receive timely reports
  • Access full data history for routing and seasonality analysis
  • Authorize who can view data

ATEK Service Platform

TankScan eliminates downtime by continually monitoring your system with our award-winning wireless ATEK Service Platform:

  • Full operations monitoring, maintenance and support
  • Proactive end-to-end system monitoring to avoid downtime
  • Communications monitoring ensures connectivity to the platform
  • Timely and threshold-triggered reporting
  • Monitoring to avoid data usage overages
  • Alerts when batteries are running low
  • Dedicated customer care team representatives

Our ATEK Service Platform won the prestigious M2M Evolution Business Impact Award.
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